Batteries Regulation

EUROBAT calls for ambitious and sustainable measures to boost the European battery sector.

On 10 December 2020, the European Commission published its proposal on the new Batteries Regulation, which replaces the current Batteries Directive (2006/66/EC).

This is a long-awaited and crucial piece of legislation, defining the legislative framework for our industry for the next 15 years. Its aim is not only to provide an updated battery policy framework in view of the essential role of batteries in achieving a zero-emissions EU society by 2050, but also to ensure the competitiveness of Europe in the context of the Green Recovery and the global battery market, estimated to be more than €130bn by 2030. The EU battery industry is not only important from a business and employment perspective – with 30000 employees – but batteries will play a crucial role in achieving the EU decarbonisation targets. If there are no batteries to decarbonise transportation or store renewable energy, we will never achieve the objectives set out  in the Green Deal.

EUROBAT calls for ambitious and sustainable measures in the new Batteries Regulation (2020/353) to boost the European battery sector.

You will find here below a number of assets and publications, produced by EUROBAT, aimed at promoting a coherent, sustainable and supportive legislative frame work for batteries in Europe.

Further details of our policy asks can found in our Election Manifesto 2019-2024.