Benefits of batteries

Batteries are used in a host of applications every day.


Without batteries you would not be able to:

  • Start your car, motorcycle, bus or truck
  • Carry around portable devices such as cell phones, laptops, GPS, power tools and watches. By default, they would become ‘immobile”.
  • Store energy from renewables – both on and off-grid -such as solar or wind and use it at a later stage when no renewable energy sources are available.
  • Ensure back-up power in case of power outage in critical facilities such as hospitals and telecom installations.

Over the past two decades, it has become clear that increased C02 emissions have led to global warming with all its related risks for humanity and nature.

EU authorities see batteries as one of the key-enablers of a low-carbon society. Batteries also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by efficiently storing electricity generated from both conventional and renewable energy sources as well as providing a source of power for electric vehicles.

Batteries are vital for the full deployment of renewables. They ensure a stable and sustainable energy supply and support the creation of a net-zero emission society by 2050.

More information on the benefits of batteries and their various applications can be found under “applications