Vision and mission


Our vision is for an EU that achieves the goals of the Green Deal to become the first net zero continent  with the invaluable support of a competitive, sustainable and innovative European battery industry that is an indispensable partner in the EU’s clean energy transition to the benefit of society as a whole.


As the leading European association for advanced rechargeable batteries covering all battery chemistries, our mission is to bring together the battery value chain to drive innovation and contribute technical expertise to the EU policy-making process. EUROBAT represents the interests of automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, based in EMEA, as well as global supply chain players. 

We work with policy-makers, industry stakeholders and non-governmental organisations to help craft ‎a positive and consistent regulatory framework for the battery industry in the EU and beyond.

EUROBAT’s activities include:

Being the leaders of industry, EUROBAT aims to support policy-makers’ comprehension of the distinctive features of the battery industry, and to offer guidance on the most effective regulatory approaches to govern it

Shaping the battery global policy and industry dynamics by participating in international fora 

Facilitating the development and dissemination of technological advancements 

Contributing to the battery material stewardship agenda at European and global level