06 September 2023

SolarPower Europe’s Joint Letter: “Aluminium is a Strategic Raw Material”

Escalating unilateral actions have revealed the vulnerability of raw materials supply chains, posing a significant
risk to the EU's strategic autonomy and green transition. Following the recent magnesium crisis and the
anticipated export restrictions on gallium and germanium, aluminium could emerge as the next strategic metal
impacted by the global race between leading industrial actors.
Demand for aluminium is set to soar1 with the increasing deployment of electric vehicles, solar panels, electricity
networks, wind turbines, heat pumps, hydrogen, digital and defense technologies. Considering the extensive
range of applications where aluminium is used, a disruption in its supply would have a profound and far-reaching
impact, especially given that two-thirds of global primary aluminium production is already controlled by non-market economies.

In that context, developing a balanced and diversified aluminium production capacity is critical.
As negotiations advance, we call on policymakers to formally recognise the strategic nature of aluminium, as
already acknowledged by the European Commission in its impact assessment accompanying the CRM proposal
as well as other supporting studies.
By ensuring the availability of aluminium with a low CO2 footprint - locally produced or recycled in Europe - for EU
manufacturers, we can reduce our dependence on imports, create jobs in Europe, and achieve our sustainability
goals. Retaining and furthering a healthy and competitive industrial base is a pre-requisite for Europe to
successfully achieve its climate goals while leading the green industrial transition.

Read here the joint letter.