24 January 2024

“Making the European battery sector more competitive, sustainable and ‎resilient: a five-year plan”


In view of the upcoming EU Elections, EUROBAT is thrilled to announce the launch of its Manifesto during an exclusive in person event, on the 20 of February, from 17:00-20:30, at the Residence Palace in Brussels. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the conversation by securing your place here.

The event will feature the participation of institutional representatives, such as Peter LIESE from the European Parliament (EP) and Peter JAVORČÍK from the European Council (EC). Industry experts, like Inga PETERSEN from the Global Battery Alliance (GBA)‎, Céline DOMECQ from The Platform for Electromobility (PfE), and William ROBERTS from  Rho Motion, will engage in a panel discussion on the future of the European battery sector.

EUROBAT will emphasise the critical role of batteries in achieving the EU's decarbonisation goals and advancing the objectives of the Green Deal. Additionally, it will be presented the key policy asks and recommendations for the next five years.

“At the core of this event lie high-level policy discussions aimed at sculpting a future that is both sustainable and competitive for European batteries. As the European Union endeavours to bolster its resilience and diminish dependencies in strategic value chains, this occasion stands as a significant moment to not only reflect on past accomplishments but also to address pressing tasks confronting the forthcoming European Commission We live in a pivotal moment for environmental progress, where the paramount role of batteries in propelling the European Union towards its decarbonisation goals and advancing the transformative objectives of the Green Deal is evident.”, states our Senior Policy Manager, Pau Sanchis.

The EUROBAT EU Election Manifesto calls on policymakers to implement specific recommendations to support Europe's battery sector, ensuring its resilience and active participation in the continent's green transition. The manifesto underlines the need for tighter collaborative efforts between industry and policymakers to secure a sustainable future for the European battery sector.

For more information, please contact Simona Romeo,

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