31 October 2023

Eurometaux’s Joint Letter for EU Clean Industrial Deal and urgent actions to keep Europe in the world’s clean technology race


Europe’s clean technology industries & key materials suppliers call for EU Clean Industrial Deal and urgent actions to keep Europe in the world’s clean technology race.

Ahead of tomorrow’s European Council summit, Europe’s clean technology industries and their key material suppliers unite in supporting the commitments of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that “the future of our clean tech industry has to be made in Europe”.

Together, we call for urgent and comprehensive action from the European Commission and Member State governments to maximise the growth potential of the Green Deal and ensure a compelling business case for clean energy supply chains in Europe, from the raw material to the product. The Net Zero Industry Act proposal aims that domestic manufacturing of strategic net-zero technologies - including wind and solar technologies, electrolysers and fuel cells, batteries, and other key technologies - should cover at least 40% of the EU’s annual deployment needs by 2030. The Critical Raw Materials Act sets linked 2030 goals for at least 40% of the strategic raw materials for these technologies to be supplied from domestic processing, 10% from mining, and 15% from recycling.

But today, the global competition for clean technology and raw materials leadership has intensified. China has established a growing footprint across most clean tech sectors, while the US has taken a decisive step forward with its Inflation Reduction Act. All this is happening while Europe’s investment situation has worsened since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with high energy prices, inflation, and growing supply risks. Europe’s ambitions are heavily challenged - from our wind industry to our electric and fuel cell vehicle supply chains, to our solar and electrolysers manufacturing goals to our metal and chemicals producers. 

Read here the joint letter.