07 February 2024

EUROBAT’s Innovation Pillar: Powering the Road towards an emission-free society

With the EU Elections on the horizon, get ready for the exciting unveiling of EUROBAT's Manifesto! Join us at the exclusive in-person event on 20 of February, from 17:00-20:30, at the Residence Palace in Brussels. Be part of the conversation by securing your spot here  – don't miss out this opportunity and register now!

At the forefront of EUROBAT's Manifesto lies the Innovation Pillar, steering the European battery industry towards a globally competitive and sustainable future. Let's explore the key aspects shaping this transformative journey:

  1. Recognising the Enabling Potential of Batteries:

Batteries are pivotal in Europe's journey towards decarbonisation and net-zero neutrality. With a focus on policy fields like mobility and energy, EUROBAT advocates for comprehensive measures to shape the future of mobility systems.

  1. Role of Battery Energy Storage:

As Europe faces challenges in energy reliance, battery energy storage takes the spotlight. EUROBAT stresses the critical role of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) in enhancing grid resilience, balancing supply and demand, and facilitating the transition to renewable energy. .

  1. Contribution of Battery Innovation:

Innovation is the heartbeat of a globally competitive European battery industry. The Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030 outlines the enormous potential of lead and lithium. EUROBAT calls for prioritised research and development funding, fostering collaboration and streamlined regulatory frameworks to integrate advanced battery technologies seamlessly.

  1. Role of Battery Standards:

Standards play a pivotal role in implementing secondary legislation, ensuring reliability, safety, and sustainability. EUROBAT emphasises the imperative of a strong standardisation base across all battery technologies, aligning with the new Battery Regulation.

Eager to learn more about EUROBAT’s proposed policy asks? Join us for the unveiling of EUROBAT Manifesto on 20 of February by securing your spot here.