12 February 2024

EUROBAT’s EU Manifesto 2nd Pillar: Establishing a ‎competitive Global Level Playing Field

With the EU Elections on the horizon, get ready for the exciting unveiling of EUROBAT's Manifesto! Join us at the exclusive in-person event on 20 of February, from 17:00-20:30, at the Residence Palace in Brussels. Be part of the conversation by securing your spot here – don't miss out this opportunity and register now!

At the core of EUROBAT's Manifesto stands the Global Level Playing Field Pillar, guiding the European battery industry toward a competitive and sustainable future. Let's explore the crucial aspects driving this journey of transformation:

  1. Battery Manufacturing

Europe's battery manufacturing capacity is on the rise, positioning it as a major player in the global market by 2030. However, to meet local demand, Europe still relies on imports, highlighting the need for a level playing field.

  1. Global Automotive Sector

Rapid shifts in the global automotive market present both challenges and opportunities for European manufacturers. Legislating for fair competition is crucial to safeguarding Europe's position in the industry.

  1. Raw Materials

Access to critical raw materials remains a central challenge for European manufacturers. Strategic partnerships and investment in refining and recycling are essential for ensuring a sustainable and resilient supply chain.

At EUROBAT, we remain committed to advocating for policies that enable the European battery industry to thrive in a globalised world! 

Eager to learn more about EUROBAT’s proposed policy key asks? Join us for the unveiling of EUROBAT Manifesto on 20 of February by securing your spot here.