Press Release
25 September 2023

EUROBAT’s Battery Solutions for Energy Storage (BESS) Webinar: ‎Charging the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future

Brussels, 22 September 2023 | EUROBAT, the association for European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers, successfully hosted its Battery Solutions for Energy Storage (BESS) webinar, on 20 September. Over 200 attendees joined the lively discussion ‎on the pivotal role of battery solutions in advancing decarbonisation and enhancing energy security ‎within the EU.‎

This informative and stimulating webinar brought together key stakeholders, industry experts, and policymakers in the field of energy storage. Participants actively contributed by asking numerous questions through the live chat, gaining insights into the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities within the battery industry, with a particular focus on energy storage systems.

"We are confident that stationary energy storage is the next major cutting-edge technology, set to grow much like the expansion we have experienced in Electric Vehicles (EV’s). Europe is making significant developments in this direction, although the markets in the USA and China remain larger by comparison. However, from a European perspective, there is a variety of opportunities for new startups to thrive," said the key note speaker, EIT InnoEnergy Policy Manager, Ilka von Dalwigk.

The successful BESS webinar highlighted EUROBAT's commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions and shaping the conversation on decarbonisation. The association looks forward to continuing working collaboratively with its members and stakeholders to shape a greener and more sustainable future.

“Energy storage plays a crucial role in our present and future energy system, enhancing ‎efficiency, security, and reliability," said EUROBAT Task Force Innovation Leader, Bernhard Riegel. ‎‎"The Battery Manufacturing industry is fully committed to helping the Commission ‎achieve its vision of a decarbonised and dependable energy system, with a 69% ‎renewable energy share in 2030, set to increase to 80% by 2050."


EUROBAT is the leading association for European automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, covering all battery technologies, and has more than 50 members. The members and staff work with all policymakers, industry stakeholders, NGOs and media to highlight the important role batteries play for decarbonised mobility and energy systems as well as all other numerous applications.

Media contact: Gert Meylemans, Director Communications and Stewardship:  +32 475565661