Press Release
12 June 2023

‘EUROBAT Forum debates the role of batteries in the clean energy transition and emphasises the need for a consistent regulatory framework for batteries’

The annual Forum conference gathers leading experts from the battery industry and value chain, as well as EU policy-makers, academics, market experts and other leading voices, to debate the key issues for the industry and Europe’s clean energy transition.

On June 7, 2023, EUROBAT, the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers, welcomed over 120 stakeholders from the European battery ecosystem in Madrid to discuss the latest advancements in the battery market within the evolving regulatory and policy framework for batteries.

In his opening speech, EUROBAT President and CEO of Hoppecke Batterien, Marc Zoellner, emphasised the significance of Spain and the battery industry:

"The battery sector plays a crucial role in Spain's industrial landscape, contributing significantly to its economy and the EU's Green Deal objectives. Spain aims to become a leading player in battery manufacturing, driving the country's competitiveness in the global clean energy market and positioning itself at the forefront of the energy transition."

President Zoellner also highlighted the importance of batteries as the foundation for decarbonising mobility and energy systems, emphasising the socio-economic benefits associated with battery manufacturing.
Her Excellency Deputy Regional Minister Empar Martínez Bonafé began her keynote speech by highlighting that the “European Commission has recently approved the Spanish plan of 837 million euros to support the production of batteries for electric and connected vehicles to foster the transition to a net-zero economy by 2050.

She also emphasised that to achieve an effective transition, we need to “improve our renewable generation together with proactive regulation to support the full development of storage and mobility solutions.” In this scenario, she pointed out that the “battery industry, policy-makers, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders are essential.”

The opening session on ‘The critical contribution of battery energy storage to Europe’s energy independence’ with Luis Marquina (AEPIBAL), Debi Prasad Dash (Indian Energy Storage Association), and Joseph Cilia (Abertax) explored the research and innovation opportunities in battery energy storage. It highlighted how this technology has emerged as a beacon of hope for Europe’s sustainable future, as well as giving the perspective of an EU Member State and the global dimension.

The second session featured William Adams (Fastmarkets), Elisabeth Prieto Strobl (Critical Raw Materials Alliance - CRM Alliance), Mike Blackney (Cobalt Institute) and Louis Maréchal (OECD). They discussed the effectiveness of the Critical Raw Materials Act and its ambition to compete with the United States' Inflation Reduction Act to provide an effectively framework that supports EU competitiveness.

During the third session, Aurel Ciobanu-Dordea (European Commission), Juan Castro Bustamante (CARTIF), Mina Ha (Rho Motion) and Mark Mistry (Nickel Institute) addressed the topic of ‘sustainability’. They emphasised the close relationship between sustainability and competitive advantage in the business landscape, stressing that organisations prioritising sustainability will gain a distinct edge as the world embraces a more sustainable future.

In the fourth and final session on ‘e-mobility’, Christophe Pillot (Avicenne), Arturo Perez de Lucia Gonzalez (Aediva) and Rodolfo Occari (FEM) highlighted the role of batteries in the transformative journey towards zero-emission mobility. As the world shifts gear towards a sustainable future, batteries are propelling us towards cleaner, greener and more efficient transportation systems.
In his concluding remarks, President Zoellner expressed his gratitude to the attendees and speakers, summarising the key takeaways from the four sessions. He reiterated the international nature of the battery industry and called for the continued support of EUROBAT, the leading battery trade association, in order to more effectively promote batteries as a critical solution to the industrial and environmental challenges that Europe faces.
Next year's EUROBAT Forum is scheduled to take place at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels on 5 June.

EUROBAT is the leading association for European automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, covering all battery technologies, and has more than 50 members. The members and staff work with all policymakers, industry stakeholders, NGOs and media to highlight the important role batteries play for decarbonised mobility and energy systems as well as all other numerous applications.

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