Press Release
15 September 2021

Battery manufacturer FREYR joins EU battery association EUROBAT ‎

EUROBAT further enlarges membership with arrival of Norwegian battery company

EUROBAT, the association of European automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, is pleased to confirm that Freyr has decided to become a EUROBAT member.

FREYR is an emerging producer of clean battery solutions for a better planet. Fuelled by low-cost hydro and wind energy, FREYR designs and manufactures high-density and cost-competitive lithium-ion batteries with a reduced carbon footprint for the rapidly growing global markets for electric mobility, stationary energy storage, marine and aviation applications.

FREYR CEO, Tom Einar Jensen, said: “FREYR Battery’s ambitions will place us as one of Europe's largest battery suppliers. By joining EUROBAT, we become part of the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers. We do compete globally in the battery cell industry, but in FREYR Battery we believe it is right to collaborate where we can, to drive important areas that we all benefit from such as regulations, access to the market, research, education and sustainable materials. Batteries are key to the green transition and the climate report from the UN underlines even stronger why collaboration is vital to decarbonise transport and energy systems at a sustainable speed.”

EUROBAT Executive-Director, Rene Schroeder, said: “We are very pleased to make another important new member announcement in the last few weeks. FREYR, a new and dynamic European player in the battery industry, is joining EUROBAT. I think they are a great fit for our association and industry, which has indeed reached a crucial crossroads. FREYR is currently building its giga-factory in Norway, a welcome investment that will also contribute to the achievement of Europe’s ambition to reach a zero-emission society by 2050. Policymakers and stakeholders are currently drafting the future EU policy framework for batteries, notably through the new Batteries Regulation. FREYR’s voice and contribution to this process will be much appreciated.”

EUROBAT is the leading association for European automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, covering all battery technologies, and has more than 50 members. The members and staff work with all policymakers, industry stakeholders, NGOs and media to highlight the important role batteries play for decarbonised mobility and energy systems as well as all other numerous applications

MEDIA CONTACT:   Gert Meylemans

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