Press Release
24 February 2022

Battery cell manufacturer Britishvolt becomes member of EU battery association EUROBAT ‎

EUROBAT, the association of European automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, is pleased to announce that the battery cell manufacturer Britishvolt has decided to join the ranks of EUROBAT.

Britishvolt is building a Gigaplant in Cambois, NorthumberlandUK, which will be the company’s first full-cycle Gigaplant. It will bring around 3,000 direct highly-skilled jobs and another 5,000+ in the associated supply chains. Advanced works started on the site on September 6, 2021 and the project will be built in four phases and will have a total capacity of over 38GWh by the end of the decade onwards. Once at full capacity, the Gigaplant will have a production capability equating to approximately enough cells for over 300,000 electric vehicle battery packs per year, intended primarily for the automotive industry.

Isobel Sheldon, OBE, Britishvolt Chief Strategy Officer:

“Low carbon, sustainable battery cells will be a key enabler of a successful energy transition. Europe and the UK need to build homegrown domestic battery cell production to shorten supply chains and drive carbon out of the battery manufacturing process. Batteries are going mainstream as the importance of a switch to renewable energy is truly realized. This is not a rehearsal, we need to act now to tackle the increasingly alarming climate crisis. We will be powering our Gigaplant in Northumberland on 100% renewable energy and offer a collocation strategy to create a commercial battery ecosystem that helps empower a clean air future for all. Being a EUROBAT member echoes our messaging that collaboration is essential to deliver a sustainable future.”

EUROBAT Executive-Director, Rene Schroeder, commented: “It’s great to welcome another new member. It definitely reflects the spike in interest in batteries we currently see across the board: from public at large, media and policy makers. The latter are in the process of drafting the future EU policy framework for batteries, notably through the new Batteries Regulation. We will also see more policy files in the next years that are part of the EU’s Green Deal and that are of critical relevance to our industry. We believe that Britishvolt, whose mission is to accelerate the electrification of society and deliver sustainable, low-carbon batteries supporting decarbonisation, will be a great asset to EUROBAT.”

 Download the document here

For more information please contact:

Gert Meylemans, Director Communications and Stewardship: +32 475565661

Ben Kilbey, Britishvolt’s Chief Communications Officer: +44 7305 032904



EUROBAT is the leading association for European automotive and industrial battery manufacturers, covering all battery technologies, and has more than 50 members. The members and staff work with all policymakers, industry stakeholders, NGOs and media to highlight the important role batteries play for decarbonised mobility and energy systems as well as all other numerous applications

About Britishvolt:

Battery pioneer Britishvolt is focused on development of next-generation battery cell technologies and associated research and development. It is dedicated to developing the future of electrified transportation and sustainable energy storage, producing best-in-class, low-carbon, sustainable, responsibly manufactured lithium-ion battery technologies.

The company is built on a foundation of ESG Principles and Commitments. 2024 has been targeted as the start of production of Phase One of its first full-scale Gigaplant situated on the old coal stocking yard of the former Blyth Power Station in Cambois, Northumberland.