06 September 2023

ACEA’s Joint Letter to stimulate the European automotive industry’s transformation and enhance competitiveness

The signatories of this open letter support the European Commission’s renewed
focus on a competitive automotive industry in Europe and wish to thank you for the
constructive dialogue.
All signatories represent the broad spectrum of the automotive value chain and are
committed to shaping the green and digital transition. We proactively contributed to
DG GROW’s transition pathways exercise. Since DG GROW initiated this exercise,
geopolitical challenges have put additional pressure on the decarbonisation of
Failure to act now within the current mandate risks further delays that will inevitably
undermine the European automotive industry’s transformation and competitiveness.
It will also put at risk employment in an industry that generates more than 13 million
jobs in the EU. The European Commission must urgently establish a robust
framework to manage these challenges and prioritise six key actions.

Read here the joint letter.