22 February 2024

EUROBAT Manifesto – Executive Summary

EUROBAT Manifesto 2024-2029 Executive Summary

EUROBAT, the Association for European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers, successfully held its EU Elections Manifesto event yesterday, outlining the policy needs of the European battery industry to keep contributing to foster innovation, a competitive global level playing field, and circularity in ‎Europe. Over 130 attendees, among policymakers, key stakeholders, industry experts, media, EU associations, NGOs, and battery manufacturers, joined the engaging discussion on the crucial role of battery solutions in accelerating decarbonisation.

EUROBAT President, Marc Zoellner opened the event: "‎We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of the battery industry, with unprecedented ‎opportunities to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy systems in all types of battery applications. EUROBAT's Manifesto Event serves as a catalyst for collaboration and ‎innovation, empowering stakeholders to collectively address the complex challenges and the ‎vast opportunities ahead. We believe we will also remain very relevant to the future EU Commission and we therefore stand ready to support their  work with our expertise and look forward to continued exchange with policymakers.”

Key note speaker MEP Peter Liese then addressed the attendees: “The battery industry needs support, a positive framework. We need to address the raw material issues and we need to have better recycling of batteries all over Europe. We need batteries and we should not do over regulation”.

Peter Javorčík of the Council of the European Union explored the impacts of external influences on the battery sector and pathways for enhancing strategic autonomy during his Q&A session.

Finally, a lively panel discussion with Inga Petersen from Global Battery Alliance, William Roberts from Rho Motion, Céline Domecq from Platform for electromobility, and Dr Christian Rosenkranz from Clarios, concluded the event.

Peter Liese, MEP from the European Parliament and EUROBAT’s keynote speaker at the Manifesto event, emphasised the vital importance of sustainable battery solutions in tackling the challenges and capitalising on the opportunities ahead to achieve the green energy objectives.

The success of EUROBAT's Manifesto Event reaffirms the association's dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions and driving meaningful progress towards decarbonisation goals.

Read here the executive summary.