26.10.2023 Hotel Marriott, Budapest

III. Hungarian Battery Day

The III. Hungarian Battery Day conference, a leading conference for the stakeholders of the battery industry of Central Eastern Europe will take place on 26 October 2023 in Hotel Marriott Budapest, Hungary.

Join the battery industry's largest regional meeting! The Hungarian Battery Day provides a unique platform for strengthening industry cooperation, connecting stakeholders in different segments, and promoting international cooperation.

Meet the leading experts of the battery sector! Join top managers from leading companies of the industry, high-ranking officials of national governments, the European Union, leaders of prominent professional organizations, and acknowledged opinion leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the battery industry.

Build your relationships and make new connections! Don't miss the unique networking opportunity offered by Hungarian Battery Day, the conference will be attended by representatives of more than 100 companies and institutions from different segments of the value chain from the CEE region and beyond.

More information  https://hungarianbatteryday.hu/