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While most of us will be aware of the battery in their car, or more recently, the battery in their basement to store renewable energy, it is less well known that batteries also play a key role in industrial electric vehicles such as forklifts, wheelchairs, golf carts and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) used for cleaning and railway applications.

Known as motive power batteries (or traction batteries), they are used in off-road applications where the battery energy is used to produce motion. Many different battery technologies, with different specific properties, are covered by the term motive power.

Increasing levels of electrification of motive power applications is taking place because of several factors. Due to innovation of battery technologies:

  • Batteries ensure lower COemissions
  • Electrification of the motive power applications ensures lower exhaust fumes
  • Battery-driven motive power applications reduce noise pollution
  • Motive power batteries also allow for the efficient storage of electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Annual sales of motive power batteries in Europe already exceed 6 mil­lion per year and more electric forklift trucks are being ordered than those with internal combustion engines. The total installed capacity of motive power batter­ies in Europe amounts to more than 20 GWh. This is much larger than the installed battery energy storage capacity, which is less than 1 GWh worldwide, or the number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road, which is still quite limited.

Motive power batteries generate jobs and growth because of their presence in nearly all sectors of industry and the economy, either directly or indirectly, through logistics or material handling applications. Moreover, these batteries contribute to several EU policy objectives:

  • Reducing emissions
  • Helping the grid
  • Increasing recycling
  • Innovation – in the past and future

EUROBAT has published a new report which aims at increasing the understanding of the importance of this sector.

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