Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers

Batteries are critical to the decarbonisation of our economy and tackling climate change: from electric mobility to energy storage and grid stabilisation to logistics, batteries will support the decarbonisation of transport, energy, production and telecommunications.

However, with a growing public interest in this technology, several myths related to batteries have gained some attention. A common misconception regarding batteries is that they are not collected or recycled, and that they risk ending up in landfill or not treated properly, with negative consequences for the environment.

EUROBAT wants to address these concerns and remark that virtually all automotive and industrial batteries available for collection in the EU are actually collected.

Our proposal for a notification, verification and validation system of batteries that become waste:

  1. Shows how the battery market is a very diverse one, with several technologies and applications
  2. Explains how the current collection system of industrial and automotive batteries works in EU and illustrates its success in terms of a virtual closed loop and high collection levels
  3. Proposes a set of principles to further improve the collection system in terms of tracing and data collection


Download the proposal here