Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers

european elections 2019

What will 2019 bring? It will certainly be key year for the European battery industry in terms of political developments and will set the scene for the years to follow.In May, we will have European elections with a new composition of the European Parliament as a result; in autumn, a new Commission mandate with new Commissioners will start. The new European Commission and the new European Parliament will be important partners for our industry on numerous policy topics: revision of the Battery Directive, revision of the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive, REACH, review of the Occupational Health & Safety framework, eco-design for batteries, revision of the Waste Shipment Regulation… 

How do we prepare for it? As EUROBAT - the Association of European Manufacturers of Automotive, Industrial and Energy Storage Batteries - we will be presenting through our “Election Manifesto” our policy priorities for the next five years on February 19th.
The priorities are to develop EU policies on sustainable batteries, to create legislative measures on workers’ protection and to continue with policies that recognize the important contributions of automotive and industrial batteries to the decarbonisation of transport and energy systems. The main objective after the next 5 years must be to have legislation in place that recognizes the role of all battery technologies and does not aim at banning any technologies.

In June, we will also have our annual EUROBAT Forum in Berlin which will be supported this year by our German national partner association – ZVEI. The Forum will serve to discuss with members and decision-makers from Germany and across Europe what lies ahead for our industry and what policy framework we need.
A strong presence both in Brussels and in the Member States is essential – and we will work with our member companies, with our national partner associations and with partner associations in Europe and the world so that the industry messages are heard by all European and national policy-makers.

 Rene Schroeder                                                                                                                                                                                           Executive-Director