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37th Swiss Electrochemistry Symposium “Prospects of Future Transport Electrification”

On April 21, 2021
At Webinar
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JABE2020 NRES Scheuble

Deep decarbonization of our energy system requires us to look at carbon intensive sectors. In Switzerland, mobility accounts for about 40% of carbon dioxide emissions (not counting international air travel). Therefore, it is essential to decarbonize - or better: defossilize - the mobility sector by 'electrifying' it, under the premise that the electricity used is based on renewable sources.

In this year's Swiss Electrochemistry Symposium, which will again be held as a webinar, we focus on electrification of the transport sector. The energy vectors considered are batteries, hydrogen / fuel cells and carbon based energy carriers (power-to-X routes).

Seven distinguished speakers will cover the diverse aspects of transport electrification from fundamental science to engineering topics and techno-economic considerations.

The registration for the Webinar is free of charge. We look forward to your participation via Zoom on April 21, 2021.




Prof. em. Konstantinos Boulouchos

ETH Zurich (CH)

Urs Cabalzar

H2 Energy (CH)

Dr.-Ing. Ralph-Uwe Dietrich

German Aerospace Center (DLR) (D)

Prof. Dr. Hubert Gasteiger

Technische Universität München (D)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek

Justus-Liebig Universität Giessen (D)

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schmidt

ETH Zurich (CH)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Vezzini

Bern University of Applied Sciences (CH)