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EUROBAT "Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030" webinar

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On 5 June, EUROBAT launched its "Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030" White Paper at a webinar, attended by over 300 people, featuring Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmerman and MEP Claudia Gamon, alongside EUROBAT's Christian Rosenkranz and Bernhard Riegel

The Roadmap demonstrates the strong innovation potential of all battery technologies in the coming years to cater for the specific requirements of a multitude of applications. As an essential technology contributing to decarbonisation across a number of sectors, including transport, energy, logistics, production and telecommunications, batteries will play a crucial role in supporting the European Green Deal and enabling the ‘green recovery’ from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The "Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030" complements the EUROBAT "Election Manifesto 2019-2024" and provides the technical background to the innovation potential of the key battery technologies to support and guide policy-makers. Consequently, it focuses on a variety of critical applications, identifying the key battery performance to improve in order to meet future requirements for the applications they will serve.

Download the "Battery Innovation Roadmap 2030" White Paper.
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