Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers

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We, the European battery industry, believe that for the 2019-2024 legislative term the focus of officials and newly elected Members of the European Parliament should include:

  1. Recognition and promotion of the role played by all battery technologies in the decarbonisation of our mobility and energy systems.
  2. Promotion and stimulation of battery production in Europe, ensuring a stable business environment and fair competition among technologies.
  3. Create a coherent and supportive regulatory framework for sustainable batteries, in line with the principles of circular economy and wider EU decarbonisation objectives.

Batteries are critical to the fight to decarbonise our economy and tackle climate change. All battery technologies - lead, lithium, nickel and sodium - are needed to support the decarbonisation of the transport, energy, logistics, production and telecommunications sectors. No single battery technology can meet all the challenges of end-user demands and combine high power and energy density, long life, low cost, excellent safety and minimal environmental impact.

Europe must take a lead in designing and building the most environmentally sustainable energy storage solutions and supporting the development of its battery industry. To do so, policy-makers, citizens, associations and industry must work together to remove legislative and market barriers. They must instead promote the development of a favourable environment in which the European battery industry can flourish, delivering growth, room for innovation and increased employment.

This Election Manifesto provides an overview of the status of the industry, and most importantly looks ahead to identify the challenges and opportunities which the sector faces. It details the regulation we would like to see in order to safeguard the EU battery sector and allow it to play its role in combatting the global and pressing problem of climate change.

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