Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers

Three committees provide a platform for the majority of EUROBAT's activities and are formed according to the needs and the objectives of the Association. The committees are divided into two service groups and two product-related sectors.  In addition to this, EUROBAT maintains a number of Working Groups on specific issues.

Committee for Environmental Matters

The Committee for Environmental Matters ensures that our industry operates to the highest standards of environmental legislation, safeguarding the interest of those who work in the industry as well as its consumers. The committee achieves this by monitoring EU legislation in the fields of safety and the environment and regularly issues guidance to members on a number of topics to ensure that the industry operates in accordance with these rules. It also engages with European decision-makers to provide them with the information they require on the battery industry to ensure better policy making. A WG on issues related to lead-based batteries was created.

  • CEM and Lead WG Chair – Karsten Kurz, Exide Technologies 
  • CEM Vice-Chair - Patrick de Metz, SAFT

Automotive Batteries Committee

The Committee for Automotive Batteries handles all kinds of automotive application issues. Europe’s major automotive market is the Starting, Lighting and Ignition battery (SLI-battery). The ABC deals with statistics, standardisation issues and on expanding marketing initiatives to develop new demand for automotive batteries. The committee has set up two Working Groups:

  • Starter Battery Markets Working Group - chaired by Cian O'Dunlaing, JCI 
  • e-Mobility Working Group - chaired by Nicolo Gasparin, FIAMM

ABC Chair – Nicolo Gasparin, FIAMM / ABC Vice-Chair Nobert Maleschitz, Exide Technologies 

Industrial Batteries Committee

The Committee for Industrial Batteries monitors activities in relation to motive and stand-by battery markets. The IBC elaborates accurate statistical information for Europe, Middle-East and Africa. The committee deals with European and global standardisation, research, technical development, innovation  and pre-standardisation activities. The committee has a focus on new market and policy developments and opportunities in relation to renewable energy integration, smart grid developments, evolutions in motive power applications (trains, forklifts, machine handling equipment etc), and stand-by applications (UPS, communication etc). The committee has set up two Working Groups:

  • Energy storage - chaired by Dr. Rainer Bussar, Exide Technologies
  • Motive Power - chaired by Labros Bisalas, System Sunlight

IBC Chair: Gery Bonduelle, EnerSys EUROPE / IBC  Vice-Chair: Michael Geiger - Exide Technologies